Mini Mini Letter Necklace (custom)

Mini Mini Letter Necklace (custom)

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The Mini Letter Necklace got smaller! This Mini Mini Letter Necklace comes on a thin and delicate chain. The charm is set sideways. Mix and match the color of the chain and the charm. This makes for the perfect gift!


  • Charm size: 0.18"
  • Length: 13-14" adjustable.
  • Indicate charm at checkout.
  • Letters and numbers available.
  • Charm available in 14k yellow and white.
  • Chain available in 14K yellow, white and rose gold.
  • Indicate orientation at checkout. Horizontal (like M) or vertical.
  • Made in New York City.
  • If required, please allow 5-10 days to process your order.

*This necklace can be fully customized, we offer different possible orientations. The image (KELLY) is positioned top-horizontal. The image (M) is positioned horizontally.  


For additional information about orientation and customization please contact us via email at

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