Earrings for women

Earrings for women – Two Most Sought After Earrings!

Your wardrobe must reflect your style and personality and must have inimitable accessories and clothes that make you stand out in the crowd. The dressing sense and choice of accessories play a crucial role in defining who you are. Every woman should have a basic collection of earrings in her wardrobe that she can always turn to if there is doubt about what to wear. For instance, when it comes to dresses, a little black dress and well-fitting blue denim jeans are must-haves. They make for a perfect choice for all occasions and ensure you have something classy to wear. When it comes to earrings for women, choosing the right one is the key to get the perfect look. For earrings for women, log onto Kelly Bello Design for all your essential jewelry items that just compliment your wardrobe.

Here is a look at the two most types of earrings that every woman must have in her collection.

Simple Diamond Studs Compliment Your Looks!

Nothing can beat the beauty of diamond studs. They come in the base of either white gold or yellow gold make for a great casual accessory. You can choose from square or round shape. They can also vary in size, based on how much bling you like. You can pair them with a variety of dresses. Whether it is a western dress or simple pair of jeans; whether you have a meeting, going out for a date, shopping at the grocery store or hanging out with children - diamond studs complement your looks. They suit every skin tone, face, and every age group just bringing out the sparkle in your personality.

Hoops Are The Way To Go!

Just like diamond earrings for women, hoops make for a versatile choice. Available in different sizes, you can choose the one depending on the occasion, preference or the dress you are wearing. It would not be a good choice to wear gold hoops for a work part. If you are wearing a corporate dress then a small pair of diamond earrings make for a great choice. Diamond studded hoops look extremely beautiful and can be worn with western attire. Having a nice pair of hoops in your jewelry collection is a must.

So, up to your earrings collection right away and rest assured you will look stupendous. Visit Kelly Bello Design to shop for earrings for women.

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